You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day

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You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day – Thomas DeLauer

Garlic Can Improve Physical Performance

There could be something to this old knowledge …
Ancient Egyptians gave garlic to their servants to build the pyramids.
Ancient Olympians took garlic supplements to help them compete.

Garlic Womack C et al. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2015. In this double-blind, sugar pill managed, crossover research of 18 boys, 900 mg of garlic significantly boosted VO2max by 2.7% when participants were required to work on a treadmill.

Garlic is Antimicrobial

Pen name “Russian penicillin”
When penicillin was running low to avoid them from getting sick, during WWII the Russian government released garlic to its military soldiers. Considering that after that, the antimicrobial homes of garlic have actually been exceptionally well documented.
Louis Pasteur, the male that developed the germ-theory of transmittable illness, himself observed that, “garlic kills microorganisms.”

Ankri S et al. Garlic is famous for its antimicrobioal homes.

Therefore, some individuals even speak highly of garlic as an acne treatment. They merely cut open a clove and also massage it on their skin. I can’t deny or confirm whether this works, however individuals do it.

Garlic Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Varshney R et al. Journal of Nutrition, 2016. This meta-analysis of double-blind, randomized, regulated tests as well as of meta-analyses of double-blind, randomized, managed trials (that’s right, a meta-analysis of meta-analysis!) wrapped up that garlic decreases high blood pressure, cholesterol, coronary calcium scores, CRP inflammation scores, and overall heart condition threat.

Garlic Prevents Cancer!

The National Cancer Institute itself acknowledges the anti-cancer residential properties of garlic! There are lots of ways garlic may be anti-carcinogenic, but I desire to highlight two.

Garlic safeguards versus the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines, which exist throughout the diet but especially high in processed meats. If you’re going to have your grocery store cold cuts, at the very least hit them with some garlic!
** Garlic includes an enzyme called alliinase which makes a substance called allicin, which has lots of anti-cancer properties, perhaps the coolest if which is that it makes cancer cells commit cell self-destruction (apoptosis).

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