Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take?

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Various Magnesium Kinds Listed Here!

1) Jigsaw Health’s Ultimate Magnesium Bundle (which consists of every one of the adhering to items at a huge price cut!) – https://www.jigsawhealth.com/magnesium-products/ultimate-magnesium-bundle/?rfsn=2644399.cd885&campaignid=76361511&variant=1

2) MagSRT ® (Time-release Magnesium Malate, usage with breakfast) – https://www.jigsawhealth.com/supplements/magnesium?rfsn=2644399.cd885

3) MagPure ™ Brain Boost (Magnesium L-Threonate, usage at lunch) –
Jigsaw MagPure™

4) MagSoothe ™ (Magnesium Glycinate, usage at bedtime) –
Jigsaw MagSoothe™

5) Magnesium Lotion (Magnesium Chloride, use for targeted relief) –
Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Lotion

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Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take? – Thomas DeLauer

The most effective MAGNESIUM v The WORST MAGNESIUM! I’m mosting likely to list which types of magnesium are the most effective and which kinds are the worst for you. Caution: I’m mosting likely to be claiming magnesium A LOT throughout this video. We’re going to damage each kind down, study some fun scientific research, as well as see which kind is best for your goals/situation. Let’s dive right in and also I’ll see you in the COMMENTS !!

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