What technologies do IT billionaires invest in? | Investing in Technology

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You are on PRO Robot Channel and also today we’re mosting likely to discuss what technologies IT billionaires are purchasing. Immortality and also health and wellness, flying cars and trucks, expert system – this is just a tiny part of the rate of interests of the wealthiest individuals on earth. Today we will evaluate thoroughly where IT billionaires spend and what will be our future. Enjoy the video throughout and also compose your impressions in the comments after watching the video clip.

Time Codes:
0:00 Intro.
0:24 Jeff Bezos
0:49 Blue Origin
1:18 Vertical Farms Startup
1:41 Lookout
1:49 Holy Grail
2:01 Amazon Artificial Intelligence
2:45 Elon Musk
3:20 Paypal
3:34 SpaceX
3:59 Artificial Intelligence
4:45 The Boring firm
5:26 Where is Bill Gates spending?
6:08 Where Mark Zuckerberg is investing
7:19 Where Warren Buffett is investing
7:43 Larry Ellison
8:02 Larry Page
8:33 Sergey Brin
9:20 Conclusion

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