What Made George Washington Great?

There would have never been a United States of America without George Washington. John Rhodehamel, author of “George Washington: The Marvel of the Age,” details how Washington effectively led the budding country via war and supported her in tranquility.

This video clip was made in collaboration with the American Battlefield Trust. Find out more about the George Washington and also America’s Battlefields at https://www.battlefields.org

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It’s tough to picture there would have been a United States of America without George Washington.

He existed at the birth of the country. He effectively led it via war as well as nurtured it in peace.

How did he do it?

Not by being a great basic, a potent political philosopher, or even a brilliant political leader. He was none of those things.

And yet, he was admired by generals, political philosophers and also politicians. Why?

Because he was a man great males relied on. He was one of the tallest men of his age at six-foot-three.

Let’s begin with his nerve. That was never ever in uncertainty. He had also much of it.
Vibrant to the point of rashness as a boy, he defended the British against the French over control of the Ohio Valley, then the Western-most point of the American wilderness.

Throughout that problem, referred to as the Indian as well as french War, and also the American Revolution, Washington was always in the thick of the activity. His assistants frequently struggled to keep him from rising too much ahead of his very own soldiers. In one battle, his layer was pierced 4 times by musket fire. Horses were shot out from under him. Incredibly, some would state unbelievely, he was never injured– not even a flesh injury.

By the time the change broke out in April of 1775, Washington was firmly committed to the cause of American freedom. There was only one issue: there was no military to talk of. How was Washington going to defeat the biggest military pressure in the globe with that?

It was a problem the general had a hard time with for eight and also a fifty percent years. That he managed to hold the military with each other, organize it into a disciplined battling force as well as guide it to victory was testament to his stamina, his perseverance, and also his individual fearlessness.

Of his honesty, one demand only to consider what he did when the battle ended: exactly what he promised to do when the war began. He resigned his armed forces command and went house to Mt. Vernon.

By tipping down, Washington elevated himself up as the personification of republican heroism. When peace came, it is stated that King George III asked the London-based American painter Benjamin West what Washington was likely to do. West responded that Washington would probably go back to his ranch. The king was amazed. “If he does that,” His Majesty proclaimed, “he will be the greatest man worldwide!”

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