Trophies are for Winning

Should children be offered trophies for playing sporting activities, also when they do not win? Are involvement trophies a negative or good thing for young athletes? Previous Olympian as well as LA Galaxy football celebrity Cobi Jones shares his ideas.
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Engagement trophies.

I’m not a follower.

They’re negative for children. Bad for moms and dads. Negative for culture.

Besides that, they’re fine.

Don’t obtain me wrong. I love any type of type of organized competitors for youngsters. I lived and breathed baseball, football, football and also basketball growing up. I played it if there was a sport to be played. When did anyone ever tell me that winning was not vital or that showing up was all that mattered, and never.

Today, kids obtain a different message. Losing? No huge bargain. Turning up? That is worthy of a prize. Wow. What a dreadful thing to tell a child. Pleased my instructors or moms and dads never claimed it to me. If they had, I’m sure I never ever would certainly’ve become a pro football gamer.

Allow me tell you why.

In high institution, I was a good soccer player. I believed I might play football in college. Looking back, though, I simply had not been adequate in those university coaches eyes.

The train rarely ever before looked at me. I’m not even certain he recognized my name. I desired to be a starter, I desired to be a champion.

Isn’t that what kids are informed today? And we’ll offer you a prize … simply for showing up, just for participating.

This idea– that turning up is an achievement– is suicidal. Due to the fact that the discomfort of shedding is component of what drives one to boost.

The frustration of going to video game after game and sitting on the bench drove me nuts. As well as I didn’t desire to give up.

This educated me an essential lesson: If you do not put in the job, you will not obtain ahead. And also not getting in advance?

So, I place in the job. I pushed myself, not to do my ideal– due to the fact that can possibly understand what “their finest” is?– yet to be far better. And also better.

Train put me in the video game. Not due to the fact that I desired so badly to play, yet due to the fact that he required me. I played well.

The road to victory– in sporting activities, in service, in life– is led with losses, unpleasant losses. Losses that can injure a lot it’s difficult to breathe. Any type of expert athlete or successful entrepreneur will tell you that’s true.

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