TOP robots and technologies of the future. The coolest robots in 2021

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You are on the PRO Robotics network and also in this concern we have actually collected for you the most amazing and also fascinating tops of the coolest and also most recent robotics in the globe, as well as robotics tasks and also companies. Hand-built robotics, the world’s most uncommon robots, the coolest robotics 2021, military robotics and also modern technology, the most helpful robotics and also the most innovative robotics companies in the world.

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00:00 Announcement.
00:29 Top robotics with their own hands
1:33 The globe’s most uncommon robots
3:15 Coolest robots 2020/2021
5:52 Top military robots and also modern technology
7:33 Top robotics. that have already changed people
8:50 Top robot business 220/2021
10:30 Best robot firms of the year in Russia

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