The Oxford Handbook of Human Motivation

The field of human motivation has been undergoing a revolutionary shift in the 21st century. What new philosophical assumptions, motivational models, and empirical evidence have emerged? What does this look like in theory and in application? The Oxford Handbook of Human Motivation, Second Edition addresses these key advances made in the field since the previous edition, offering the latest insights from the top theorists and researchers of human motivation. The volume includes chapters on social learning theory, control theory, self-determination theory, terror management theory, and regulatory focus theory, while also presenting articles from leading scholars on phenomena such as ego-depletion, choice, curiosity, flow, implicit motives, and personal interests. A special section dedicated to goal research highlights achievement goals, goal attainment, goal pursuit and unconscious goals, and the goal orientation process across adulthood. This Handbook also provides practical research and guidance with sections on relationships and applications in areas such as psychotherapy, education, physical activity, sport, and work. By providing reviews of the most advanced work by the very best scholars in this field, The Oxford Handbook of Human Motivation, Second Edition represents an invaluable resource for both researchers and practitioners, as well as any student of human nature.

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