The Ferguson Lie

Many people think they recognize what took place in Ferguson, MO on August 9, 2014. Most individuals are wrong. Radio host as well as author Larry Elder provides a valid account of what really took area on that particular eventful day.

** Correction: 1:06 Michael Brown was 18, not 19.


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One of one of the most substantial events of this century took place in the very early afternoon of August 9, 2014. It happened in Ferguson, Missouri, a city on the outskirts of St. Louis.

Embedded in the preferred mind is this event that if you just state the name “Ferguson,” everyone knows what you’re speaking regarding: police cruelty and racial injustice.

President Barack Obama referred to it in a speech before the United Nations in September 2014: “I understand the world also noticed the tiny American city of Ferguson, Missouri, where a boy was killed, and an area was separated. So, yes– we have our own racial and also ethnic tensions.”.

The president underrated the case. The shooting in Ferguson caused evenings of troubles as well as gave gas to a new social activity, Black Lives Matter.

Provided its historical value, it would serve, after that, to ensure we have our facts directly. So right here’s a test to examine your knowledge.

Very first question: False or true?

A young, unarmed black man, Michael Brown, 19, was eliminated by a white policeman, Darren Wilson.

The response holds true.

True or incorrect?

Wilson quit Brown for no great reason.


Wilson, driving a police SUV, had actually just received a call on his radio that a regional comfort store had been robbed. He saw two guys walking in the middle of a nearby street who satisfied the description of the shop thieves. Wilson increased to them.

As Brown tried to get hold of Wilson’s weapon, a struggle taken place. Wilson handled to fire his weapon, injuring Brown in the hand.

True or incorrect?

When he was fired as well as killed, Michael Brown’s back was turned to Officer Wilson.


After being fired in the hand, Brown fled from the police vehicle. Wilson left the car and also pursued him. Brown after that all of a sudden turned and also billed Officer Wilson.

The officer terminated numerous shots at him and also … Mike Brown constantly came forward in the charging motion … And when he stopped, that’s when the officer discontinued fire … When he billed once more, the policeman returned fire with, I would certainly say … 3 to 4 shots. And also that’s when Mike Brown finally broke down.”.

The Brown family members’s very own clinical professional, valued pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, also acknowledged this factor. The injuries Brown endured were regular with Brown charging towards Wilson, not fleing.

True or incorrect?

Prior To Michael Brown was fired and also killed, he increased his hands over his head as well as shouted, “Hands up. Do not shoot.”.


Federal investigators from the Department of Justice located no qualified proof that Brown ever elevated his hands in a “do not shoot” motion– or by any means hearkened the police officer’s commands for him to give up.

The federal record wrapped up that “… witnesses who initially mentioned Brown had his hands up in abandonment recanted their initial accounts, confessing that they did not witness the capturing or parts of it …”.

Investigators also wrapped up Brown never uttered the currently legendary expression.

Again, from the record: “The media has actually commonly reported that there is witness testament that Brown claimed ‘don’t shoot’ as he held his hands above his head. Our examination did not disclose any kind of eyewitness that mentioned that Brown said ‘do not fire.'”.

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