The Fallen Soldier

Others have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that you can be cost-free. Remember them– today, as well as always. A moving homage, written as well as told by previous Navy SEAL and also author Jocko Willink.


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I am the fallen soldier, seafarer, airman, and Marine.

Remember me.

I am the one that held the line. In some cases I offered. In some cases I went because I was told to go.

Yet when the nation called– I answered.

In order to offer, I left behind the family, good friends, and flexibility that a lot of take for provided.

Over time, I utilized various tools: a sword, a firearm, a bayonet, a rifle, a gatling gun.

Often, I marched into battle walking. Various other times, I rode to battle on horseback or in wagons; often on trains; later in jeeps or storage tanks or Humvees.

In very early wars, my ships were made of wood and powered by the wind. The machines of battle altered and also evolved with the times.

However keep in mind that it was constantly me– the warrior– that needed to fight our nation’s enemies.

I dealt with at Lexington and also Concord as our country was birthed.

I went across the Delaware on Christmas Day in 1776.

In the Civil War, I fought with my siblings– and versus my brothers– at Gettysburg as well as Shiloh and Bull Run. I discovered that we need to never again divide.

In World War l, I progressed the Marne as well as held the line at Belleau Wood. “The war to end all battles,” they called it. I simply called it “hell.”.

In World War ll, I fought almost everywhere: the coastlines of Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, the heck of Guadalcanal. I stood against tyranny as well as maintained darkness from eating the world.

In Korea, I landed at Inchon as well as broke out of the Chosin Reservoir. They called it “the failed to remember war”– yet I always remembered.

In Vietnam, I fought in the Mekong Delta, at Khe Sanh and also Hamburger Hill. Some say my country wavered. I did not waver. Ever before.

In the recent past, I have combated in Iraq and also Afghanistan. In Baghdad, Fallujah, as well as Ramadi. In Kunar, Helmand, and Kandahar.

As modern technology progressed, I used evening vision goggles and also global placing drones and also systems as well as lasers as well as thermal optics.

It was still me, a human being, that did the job. It was me that patrolled up the mountains or across the desert or through the roads. It was me that suffered in relentless warm and bitter cold. It was me that headed out, evening after night, to confront our country’s adversaries and face wicked in person.

It was me.

Remember me. I was a warrior.

Also remember that I was not only a warrior. Remember also: that I was a son, a brother, a daddy.

I wanted to have kids. I wanted to see my boy score a touchdown or fire the winning basket.

When I told her I would be with her up until the end, I suggested it. I indicated it when I told my youngsters I would constantly be there for them.

I offered all that away.

All of it.

On that far-off combat zone, amongst the fire as well as the concern and the bullets. Or overhead over adversary area full of flak. Or on the unrelenting sea, where we dealt with against the adversary and also against the depths of the void. There, in those terrible places, I held the line.

I did not fluctuate and also I did not wait. I, the soldier, seafarer, airman, or Marine. I stood my ground and sacrificed my life– my future, my hopes, my desires. I sacrificed everything– for you.

This Memorial Day, remember me– the dropped warrior. And remember me not for my benefit, however, for your own. Remember what I compromised so you can absolutely value the extraordinary prizes you have: Life. Liberty. The search of joy.

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