The Best Book of Motivational Quotes

The Best Book of Motivational Quotes is a collection of quotations and wisdom from some of the great leaders, Entrepreneurs, Notable politicians, Philosophers and great minds the world has ever seen.This book contains a collection of quotes from the following people and more including some African proverbs:1.Les brown2.winston churchill 3.william shakespeare 4.will smith quotes5.warren edward buffett 6.thomas more quotes7.thomas edison 8.sun tzu quotes9.steve jobs quotes10.socrates quotes11.seneca quotes12.robert kiyosaki quotes13.richard branson quotes14.pythagoras quotes15.paracelsus quotes16.oscar wilde quotes17.napoleon hill quotes18.napoleon bonaparte 19.muhammad ali quotes20.mike tyson quotes21.margaret thatcher quotes22.lao tzu quotes23.john kennedy quotes24.john d. rockefeller quotes25.john c. maxwell quotes26.jim rohn quotes27.henry ford washington quotes29.genghis khan quotes30.gautama buddha quotes31.gaius julius caesar quotes32.franklin d. roosevelt quotes33.ferdinand porsche quotes34.elon musk quotes35.donald trump quotes36.dale carnegie quotes37.dalai lama quotes38.confucius quotes39.charlie chaplin quotes40.bruce lee quotes41.bill gates quotes42.benjamin franklin quotes43.alexander the great quotes44.albert einstein quotes45.abraham lincoln quotesThese inspirational quotes will help you find your inner fire. Channel that energy into beating the opponents you face every day to win your personal championship in life.Tags: Positive quotes, quotes for woman, quotes of wisdom, family quotations, quotations inspiration, quotations for children, inspirational quotes, inspirational messages, quotations for birthday, quotations of life, daily inspirational quotes, inspirational quotes, great quotes, motivational quotes, short quotes, quote of the day

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