Technology and the Future of Theatre | Sarah Ellis | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

Art and technology are often seen as distinctive self-controls. Incorporating them results in magic. Sarah Ellis, the Director of Digital Development at the Royal Shakespeare Company, educates us how modern technology is reimagining the experience of theater, taking it past the phase as well as into our living rooms. As an award-winning producer, Sarah Ellis currently functions as Director of Digital Development for the Royal Shakespeare Company to explore brand-new artistic campaigns as well as partnerships.
The current collaboration for the RSC is the Audience of the Future Live Performance Demonstrator moneyed by Innovate UK– a consortium including arts organisations, research study partners and innovation firms to discover the future of performances and real-time immersive experiences. This talk was provided at a TEDx event utilizing the TED seminar layout however independently arranged by a local area. Find out extra at

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