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We have gathered for you the most exciting and also intriguing technology information of the last week. Robots in various rounds of life, drones, drones, Tesla robots, artificial intelligence, robotics, robo-cars.

Time codes:
00:00 Intro
00:27 hyper-intelligent expert system
1:34 robot surgeon
2:04 a vertical robotic farm in europe
2:41 friend robotic for pets
3:04 Virgin Orbit launched LauncherOne rocket from Boeing
3:33 NASA tested the SLS engines
4:03 Blue Origin checked New Shepard rocket with new engine
4:57 Toyota Research Institute auto-pilot for drifting
5:31 Micro Aerial Vehicle 2020
5:50 Samsung Heavy Industries introduces robot ships
6:15 Indoor Robotics reveals innovation to secure personal homes and gated companies
6:49 Ghost Robotics information
7:10 ANYbotic also exposed another superpower of its ANYmal robotic
7:21 Deep Robotics additionally remains to improve its robotic pet
7:35 Cruise introduced a partnership with Microsoft
8:05 An air taxi was evaluated in Moscow
8:34 ABB’s two-armed robotic found a task in Russia
8:57 automation in Chinese medical facilities
9:37 robotic discovered to play snooker
9:47 Tesla checked out the netherworld
10:00 robots make batteries for Tesla

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