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You’re here on PRO Robotics, and also in this episode we have the most up to date in modern news for 2021. The brand-new Boston Dynamics robotic, a giant humanoid robot from Japan, the first model of Ilon Musk’s Starship, self-healing robots, DARPA expert system for fighter jets, the globe’s first vertiport in Italy, aerotaxis, drones, strolling independent robots as well as various other modern technology information. Watch the video clip throughout as well as compose in the comments which news impressed you the most?

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro.
0:20 New Boston Dynamics robotic
1:22 A gigantic robotic from Japan
2:00 DARPA artificial knowledge
2:17 New Tesla accidents and also why it matters
3:06 EHang vertiport in Italy
3:40 Drones will make it rain in the UAE
3:56 Self-healing robots
4:06 Robot Rizon to adjust items
4:51 Robot chases clients
5:17 Elon Musk’s starship
5:53 Digit strolling robot ended up being autonomous
6:08 ANYmal robot obtains a new work
6:35 3D Scan from Skydio
6:56 Robot coffee shop in Tokyo
7:19 Fanuc to construct biggest robot manufacturing center in China
8:05 Control Spot with interactive glove
8:30 US bans armed robots
8:58 Sophia’s robot art work

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