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Thomas DeLauer … Does collagen protein assist you develop muscle in the very same method that other healthy proteins do? And the thing is, there are so lots of collagen supplements out there right currently, it leads us to think that is the situation, that collagen does help us develop muscular tissue in the exact same method that various other proteins do. Well, collagen is still a healthy protein, and also of course it still has a result on healthy protein synthesis, yet it functions in a completely various method.
Collagen has been proven to be a very excellent protein when it comes down to healthy protein synthesis for somebody that’s on a reduced protein diet. Now, prior to you shut off this video clip thinking that you’re not on a reduced protein diet, allow me truthfully claim that if you’re doing anything like a ketogenic or a reduced carb diet plan, you must be on rather of a low healthy protein diet in the first location, simply because that’s how the ketogenic diet works.
Currently, if you’re looking just for excellent old made muscular tissue structure and you’re not on a keto diet plan, collagen still has some advantages, as well as I’ll get to that in a minute. However, for now, let’s speak regarding what collagen really is. See, collagen is one of the most plentiful healthy protein within the human body, composing over 30% of the overall protein in our bodies to start with, and it’s composed predominantly within what’s called the extracellular matrix. This extracellular matrix is included in every tissue in the body as well as helps sustain each and every single cell that’s in our body. So collagen has some effective functions, no matter what, whether it’s for your hair, your skin and your nails, whether it’s for muscle building, whether it’s for connective cells, you call it, it’s associated with somehow.
However the concern is whether collagen really adds to you constructing some even more muscle mass if you’re exercising. Well, the British Journal of Nutrition took a deep dive on this, as well as I thought it was pretty intriguing. What they did is they took a look at 53 people, these were older men that were suffering from what is called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is just a straightforward age related atrophy of the muscular tissues, where you grow older and your muscles start to shrivel up and disappear. It’s a great feasible sped up example to look at to see whether collagen can in fact quit this process.
What they did is, over the program of a few weeks, they split these 53 guys right into two groups, one group had a collagen supplement as well as the other team had a placebo. What they found is that those that had actually taken the collagen supplement had a significant decrease in fat as well as a considerable rise in fat-free mass, indicating a rise in total muscle tissue. So, those are rather effective results right there.

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