LONG JOURNEY TO OUR 93rd COUNTRY (8 trains and a bus)

After a LONG, chilly, stormy day, a huge rockslide turned our brief 2 hour train journey from Zermatt to Interlaken into a 3 day train trip to our 93rd country! We developed FareDrop to help you rack up incredibly low-cost international trips! Try it completely free and get flight bargains approximately 80% off https://faredrop.com/.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Download and install the tracks we made use of in this episode free of charge: http://bit.ly/epidemic_sound.
Track names in order:.
Coral reef Break.
La Fosca.
Little Liberty.
As well Fast.

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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013
and and also promptly captured travel traveling! We began
travel hacking & finally ultimately determined wanted to travel for one year. We extended our 1 year journey to currently FOUR years:-RRB- Now we have an objective of traveling to 100 nations prior to 2020!

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