Fireside Chat Ep. 185 — Who Hates the Police?

In this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis goes over 2 current viral minutes bordering cops dispute. An absolutely awful video of a violent lady that was pulled over for using her phone, after that a pupil that was berated by his educator for protecting the cops.

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0:00 Snoopy Stole The Bed
1:24 Woman Yelling “Murderer” At Police
5:36 What Are “White Values”?
7:54 Why Does The Left Hate The Police?
11:42 The Left’s Damage To The Police Force
13:27 Resisting Arrest Is A Death Sentence?
14:07 Hugh Hewitt Asks Another Question
16:07 The Root Problem Of The Left
19:44 Norway’s Economic System
23:31 The Great American Experiment
26:00 Same Values From Different Morals?
27:43 Reunited With Our Pets In Heaven?

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