Fireside Chat Ep. 172 — Essential Lessons: Human Behavior

What’s the key to recognizing what is taking place in America today? First, we have to comprehend human nature. Just when you value how deeply flawed human beings have the prospective to be, will certainly you wonder at the immense ethical accomplishment that is America.

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0:00 Welcome To Fireside Chat Episode 172!
1:45 The Key To Understanding America
5:12 Desire For Power, Fame, & Sex
14:27 Lack Of Courage & Wisdom
16:28 Yearning To Be Taken Care Of & Utopia
17:16 Ingratitude & Psychological Issues
19:21 Massive Divide In America: Free Speech
25:10 Gaining Wisdom & Acting Happy
28:00 Dennis’s Super Bowl Predictions
29:00 Understand Human Nature

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