Driven to Succeed

Driven to Succeed is an incredible story of success from one of the most unlikely places on the planet. The story develops on a First Nation reservation, in northern Canada. The child of a single mom of 4, living on welfare, was forever changed through a simple act service. Never has a detailed story been told of life on the rez, set in a backdrop where diabetes and alcoholism is common. You will be inspired as you witness how one child chose to rise above his circumstances to achieve extraordinary success through the power of the mind. If you feel that the odds of success are stacked against you, this story will change your perspective. It is a masterpiece of success, teaching you how to re-shape your circumstances to accomplish dreams that you never thought possible. Kendal’s Simple 5-Step strategy will prepare you for amazing outcomes. The 5-Steps to Succeed include: Making a Simple Choice Plan, Prepare and Expect to Win Using the Power of Your Story Turning Your Pain into Gain Elevating Your Circle of Influence This detailed story, utilizing the 5-step strategy, will inspire you to do great things with your life —A life story you’ll want to read to shape your destiny.

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