Don't Ever Give Up

Get inspired by the thoughts and stories in these 2 books, so that you’ll NEVER EVER give up! In these books, you’ll find motivational thoughts and inspiring stories, as well as some quotes by celebrities who had to persevere when times got tough. These examples are encouraging and help you face your struggles. The thoughts are statements that can help you move forward, despite of challenges and mistakes. The stories are about historical or successful figures who accomplished what they wanted because they didn’t let failure stand in their way. Every story shows you something you can learn. So if you want to feel more motivated to achieve your goals, download this book. You’ll be able to: See the purpose of failure Turn failure into success Have inspirational stories in mind that motivate you daily Improve your self-esteem Discover how refusing to give up can end in fame and fortune Have more determination Get ready to feel inspired and motivated by the truths you should tell yourself and the successful people you can look up to. Download this helpful ebook now! Discover how they did it and what you can learn from the example they gave. Keywords: never ever give up, don’t give up, never giving up, not giving up, not ever giving up, why fail, why failure, turn failure into success, success through failure, success by failing, determination, be more determined, how to have more determination, how to be more determined, how to improve self-esteem, how to boost self-esteem, you can do it, inspirational stories, inspiring stories, inspirational success, inspiring success, inspirational quotes, inspiring quotes, inspirational thoughts, inspiring thoughts, motivational stories, motivating stories, motivational success, motivating success, motivational quotes, motivating quotes, motivational thoughts, motivating thoughts, how to get motivated, how to be motivated, how to become motivated, how to be inspired, how to become inspired, how to get inspired, inspiring celebrities, motivating celebrities, successful celebrity quotes, successful celebrities, successful celebrity stories, purpose of failure, purpose of failing, accomplish more, accomplish anything, accomplishing anything, accomplish everything, willpower instincts, motivating yourself, how to motivate yourself, ways to become motivated, ways to be inspired, historical figures, successful figures in history, thoughts of success, attitude of success, successful attitude, successful living

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