A Fighter Pilot's Story

Read One Man’s Success Story and Let It Inspire You to Create Your Own! Mark LaVerdiere always had a goal. From his first trip into the air with his father as a young boy, he followed his dream of becoming a Fighter Pilot. Some dream of being a Fighter Pilot; a select few strive to become one. Battling with self-confidence and coming up against unforeseen physical obstacles, Mark continued on, focused on his dream. Along the way he was inspired by a team of amazing people who helped him reach his ultimate goal – and helped him become the great success he is today – of being a successful Fighter Pilot. A Fighter Pilot’s Story: An Inspirational Journey from Failure to Success shares one man’s story about hopes, dreams, and challenges and overcoming those challenges in pursuit of fulfilling a dream. Whether health issues, finances, family or even employment, what is important at the end of the day is how you handle the situation. A Fighter Pilot’s Story from page one takes you on a truly inspirational journey from one page to the next. This book will strengthen you to move in the midst of challenges and encourage you to kick your fears to the rear and reach for the stars. Buy the eBook today; be inspired and share your story. -INCLUDES a Special Offer for a FREE lifetime membership to an eCourse on making iPhone Apps. Details to this offer are found on the Book’s website.

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