10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD

10 Mind Blowing New Technologies That Will Change the World
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the complying with inquiries:
What does the future hold for humanity?
What does future of Technologie hold?
What is the most current innovation?
What is gon na be the most current technology in computers?
What are the most up to date brand-new innovations in computer system scientific research?
What are the current innovations presented in autos?
What is the latest technical Innovation?
What are some of the most promising Technologies currently?
What are 10 mind blowing Technologies That Will Change the World?
What creations would transform the world?
What are the 10 future modern technology that may alter the globe?
What innovation will alter the globe in 5 years?
Just how is modern technology altering the globe today?
What are the brand-new technologies in 2020?
What innovations will there remain in the future?
Which technology is best in future?
What is the latest innovation in the world?

00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Artificial Intelligence
01:43 – Brain-computer interfaces
02:38 – 3D Printing
03:46 – Living Robots
04:35 – Augmented Reality
05:58 – Tactile Virtual Reality
06:52 – Self-driving lorries
07:55 – Hyperloop
08:47 – Hydrogen power
10:04 – Energy-storing bricks
11:00 – Question

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